SRAC Plein Air Painters

SRAC/ Plein Air


If you are new to Plein-aire painting, have no fear. The purpose is to make a study work in nature which need not be finished, but only a study. We suggest you bring a camera to document your study for further work in your studio.  Bring the art materials you wish to work with. A back-pack, basket or plastic tote for carrying your materials is recommended. Keep it simple and remember to be creative with your materials. Make-do until you find what works for you. You can see what others are doing and take away what will work for you. We usually bring a sack lunch or snack for our break time.

·         Make your sketches on 8”x 12” or 10”x14” work surfaces if you are a first time Plein-aire painter.  Small surfaces are best size for quick studies. (You may want to do several.)

·         Also bring a folding chair, your work surface, (a Masonite clip board, easel of sketch book) or other,

·          a garbage bag ( carry out what ever trash you generate), work rags/paper towels, etc,

·         drinking AND wash-up/painting water, especially if our location is a public one.

·         Make sure you have a securely lidded container for your medium, especially if you use turpentine or a similar liquid. No paint contaminated water should be disposed of at the location.

·         Be ready to experiment with new visions, have fun and enjoy your day.

·        Rain will cancel.

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